What my clients say...

"Lynni is a wonderful therapist, she will not only help you make changes but she will do so in a way that will allow you to have fun and enjoy the process... her personality is amazing in helping you find the solution"

Joseph Clough, Bestselling Author as seen on TV


"Loved the baby yoga.  Lots of exercise for me and my baby!"

Jayne & Emily


NLPNeuro Linguistic Programming - Neuro – what’s going on in your head. Linguistic – the language you use to explain your thoughts and feelings. Programming – the automatic things you do. Can be known as N.L.P

Helping you change unwanted negative behaviors. Processes that interrupt these patterns that are repeated and replaced with a new positive behavior, letting go of limiting beliefs, "I'm not worthy", "I'm not good enough", "I am invisable" ...
All learning and behavior and change is unconscious. There are many different processes that can be used within one session, working with both the conscious and unconscious mind, enabling the enhancement of your emotional, personal and professional development.
Building your self esteem and self worth.
Giving you the tools to take away with you so you have the ability to change your negative emotions into positive emotions in an instant.
Helping you through situations you would usually find difficult, a meeting, a presentation, an interview, being the person you want to be in these situations is possible with N.L.P.


All master hypnotist/hypnotherapy, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™ certifications have been accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming, and the Time Line and the U.K. Guild of Hypnotist ExaminersTherapy™ Association.

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