What my clients say...

"Lynni is a wonderful therapist, she will not only help you make changes but she will do so in a way that will allow you to have fun and enjoy the process... her personality is amazing in helping you find the solution"

Joseph Clough, Bestselling Author as seen on TV


"Loved the baby yoga.  Lots of exercise for me and my baby!"

Jayne & Emily


Apointments at www.top2toetherapy.co.uk are available this week 

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t2t is out for easter

Have a FABulous Easter!



I love you more than

Reflexology is available at top2toe therapy

Reflexology works with thumb and finger pressure on the whole of the foot or hand.

Walking along the area to stimulate points relating to the body.

If you were to draw a line between each toe up the body, the space between the line represent the area being worked upon. 

It stimulates these areas. Calms the central nervous system. It reduces stress and improves mood. It keeps the vital energy flowing.

So relaxing and rejuvenating bringing you back into balance so the body can repair. 

Leaving you with a serene mind and body connection. 

Book in now at www.top2toetherapy.co.uk or email lynni on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 07815064796


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Had an outstanding morning at Hoults wine merchants with EMMETT muscle release technique with Rob & Paul
Feedback from the boys- ✅feeling refreshed ✅comfort ✅strength ✅mobility!

PLUS “And I can touch the ceiling now!” PLUS Relaxed shoulder muscles and improved rotation in neck.

What happened?

Using the EMMETT muscle release I went on to Release the shoulders and neck, knees and rebalance!

Discomfort? 💪Gone!
Niggles? 💪Gone!

I Love 💖 EMMETT!

Nicknamed WD40 for the joints!

I’d like to say a massive thank you Hoults Wine Merchants for joining in the Laura Crane Youth Cancer trust and with Top2toetherapy, in raising funds for the mirrors that go into the Paxman cooling cap system! £40! Whoop! Do you know a company that would support this venture?

Please let them know about the amazing 😉 plan for check it Tuesdays The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and Top2toe therapy
lauracraneyouthcancertrust houltswinemerchants top2toetherapy kickcancerinthebutt paxman


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"I am so pleased that my daughter suggested I meet Lynni and try her Emmett Technique treatment.

Before I had the treatment I was in a lot of pain in my right knee and lower back which had gradually got worse after a complete hip replacement four years ago.

It was tiring, depressing and I felt I was too old to ever recover.

However the treatment has  improved my whole well being, I am virtually pain free and so have no need to take painkillers anymore.

There was an improvement after the first few sessions as my muscles relaxed and movement everywhere became so much easier.

This improved my confidence and I can now walk further without any after effects and am gradually giving up using a walking stick.

I do not get as tired anymore and can stand for longer periods of time. I feel much stronger.

I back up the treatment with exercising at home and being mindful of my posture, correcting it when necessary as Lynni has taught me.

The treatment is very relaxing and after a session I feel invigorated and determined to continue with my improvement.

I would certainly recommend the Emmett technique to anyone with similar problems.

Lynni is an excellent therapist, explains everything very clearly and discusses any concerns I might have.

She has created a treatment room which is welcoming, warm and so relaxing. I always look forward to my next session.

Thank you so much Lynni."





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I’m working with Laura Crane Trust, this March, with EMMETT muscle release.

I am going into local companies every Tuesday in March to give treatments. One of the best things about EMMETT is that It can be done fully clothed. No oil. At a desk. Or in private. No fuss. A treatment can take just 10/15 minutes.

The plan of action

To offer a Treatment for £10 per employee & ask the business to match fund £10. Giving £20 per person to the trust. This money will pay for the mirrors in the Paxman cooling cap bags given to every young person receiving the cooling treatment in partnership with LCYCT.

I can work though all the staff members. Email consultation forms for employees to fill in before they come to work & a list for people to sign up so there’s very little disruption to work that day. I am hoping to make a massive difference to your work team & help them to stay in work keeping your business sick costs low.


I recently went to the fight club & treated 6 people who were amazed by the pain relief & boosted range of movement. Also done a day at LCYCT and helped all the staff team there. EMMETT resets the muscle, taking out protection, repetitive strain, stress & tension.


Can you let me know if this would be of interest to you.

lauracraneyouthcancertrust cvgraphics enterpriseprint supportingyouthcancer paxmancoolerslimited top2toetherapy  Huddersfield EMMETT wellness keepingpeopleinwork 

 http://www.lauracranetrust.org  https://www.enterpriseprint.co.uk https://www.cvgraphics.co.uk https://paxmanscalpcooling.com


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